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 ND:YAG marking machine  50W YAG Laser  200*200MM
  Nd:YAG Lamp pumped marking system
 Source Area: Guangdong 
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YAG laser marker is a solid laser with wavelength 1064nm. It belongs to the infrared frequency band, its characteristic is vibrates the efficiency high, big output power, moreover extremely stable, it s technology is the most mature, the solid laser is one of the most laser be widely used .YAG laser marker uses the krypton lamp for the energy originates (drive source), ND: YAG took the energy the medium (work matter), drove the source sends out the specific wave length beam which can urge the work matter to have the energy jump, thus releases the laser, after will enlarge the laser energy, might form laser beam which may processing the material .

1.The laser power is big, the energy controlled by the electric current, software, continuously
2.Marking 〈0.3mm
3.Uses inspires the mirror scan system, high speed, highly precision, the performance is stable.
4.Software function is very strong.
5.The cost is very low, needn’t consumption such as printing ink.
6.The working time is very long and continuity. 
Max Laser-power: 50W
Laser wave-length: 1064nm
Laser repeat frequency: 30KHZ
Marking scope: 70*70mm、110*110mm、200*200mm
Marking depth: <0.3mm
Marking line speed: <7000mm/s
Min line width: 0.018
Min character: 0.3mm
Repeat precision: +0.01mm
Whole consumption power: 5KW
Electricity demand: 220V/50HZ/19A
Machine dimension: opticssystem1700mm*190mm*260mm/
cooling system650mm*310mm*665mm/
controlling system655mm*555mm*775mm


Applicable Industry

Metal marking and some non-metal marking materials.



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