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 CO2 laser marking machine  10-100W RF CO2 laser  100*100;200*200;300*300mm
  Air-cooled,RF CO2 laser marking system
 Source Area: Guangdong 
 Download: 100K 


CO2 laser marker is often called Gas laser marker or laser engraver; CO2 laser is a gas laser whose frequency band wave length of infrared light is 10.64um. CO2 gas is filled in the discharge tube as the medium to produce laser. When high voltage is added to the electrode, it will produce glow discharge in the discharge tube and then the gas molecule will discharge laser. After the energy of laser is strengthened, it will form the laser beams to process the materials. computer-controlled resonance mirror can change the path of the laser beams so that automatic marking can be accomplished.
Laser : 10/30/50/60/100W Air-cooled or water-cooled RF,CO2 laser from USA.
Laser wavelength: 10.6μm
Laser repeat frequency: <25KHZ
Marking scope: 100*100mm、200*200mm、300*300mm
Marking depth: <1-10mm depand on the laser power
Marking line speed: <7000mm/s
Min line width: 0.1mm/s
Min character: 0.40mm
Repeat precision: ±0.01mm
Whole consumption power: 1.2KW / 2KW
Electricity demand: 220W/single-phase/50HZ/8A



Applicable Industry

This series of machine is suitable to art gift, advertisement decoration, toy, electron element, cutting of template, paper product and other industries. Nonmetal materials such as bamboo, putamina of coconut, paper, plexiglass, acrylic, marble, jade, crystal. And with the rotating unit, it can work on a cylinder object such as cup, pencil vase and so on.



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